How Often Traveling Works

Why You Can't Get These Savings Through Major Travel Sites

Here's The Thing: 92% Of The Online Travel Market is Owned by 2 Companies

And That Creates 3 Problems For Consumers


Booking Sites Can't Compete On Price

Public facing travel sites are held to MAP (minimum advertised price) guidelines, which is good for the industry but bad for consumers. The true competition is who can play the best mind games to make the overall value seem better than the other sites. Marketing Secret: Each brand under the parent company focuses on a specific audience so the message resonates and you get the impression it has the best value.


They're both huge, public companies with huge expenses

Even when they do go below MAP through their VIP programs, they can only go so far to remain profitable.
The best discounts are reserved for individuals taking 25+ trips a year - you'd be spending thousands before you reached the best deals


The other 8% is owned by other huge companies

The vast majority of the remaining 8% is travel reward programs run by credit card companies, hotel chains, and airlines

How Hotel Rates Are Determined

Hotels set their rates based on projected demand and they’re constantly in flux. In general, they will offer a block of rooms at “wholesale” rates to 3rd parties to sell rooms for the hotel. The spread between retail prices and the wholesale rate is the 3rd party’s profit. 

Often Traveling removes 92.5% of that profit margin and passes it on to you as savings. It’s important to note that as demand increases, hotels can and will shrink the spread between retail and wholesale – sometimes to $0. One week there might be no savings, the next week might have huge savings. 

How Often Traveling Is Different

Private Travel Club

Our rates are only available to members, and that means we can set them near wholesale prices.

We Believe Travel Should Be Affordable

We give up margins on each trip to make sure travel remains within reach. Our only goal is to make sure you see savings, so you can accomplish your goals faster

Immediate Savings

As soon as you join, you'll have access to the best and every saving on the platform. No build up of tiers nor milestones to unlock more value.

Net Benefit: Your Wallet

Hotels make the same amount when you book through us or a major site so the major difference is keeping the money in your wallet or paying it to companies like Expedia.

Flight Savings - The Myth

One of our most common questions is "Can a travel club get me exclusive discounts on flights?"

Answer: Unfortunately, no. No travel site can offer that.

Here’s a little known nuance about the airline industry – they lose money on most flights. That’s right. Operationally, they’re not profitable. Over 40% of their revenue now comes from selling miles to credit card companies, which is how they make up for the operational losses. 

What this means for consumers is that there’s little to no margins to pass on so discounts can only be achieved when an airline offers them to everyone or through credit card rewards. Every travel site is essentially a search engine for flights, which is why Google Flights is one of the best places to search. 

Your best options for flight discounts are: 

  • Newsletters with price drop alerts
  • An airlines’ own credit card program

With Often Traveling, you’re able to submit your flight info to receive points on our platform – which means you can earn 3x (1x airline itself, 1x credit card, 1x Often Traveling)