Lock in Current Pricing
$ 3
one time
  • Lock in our promotional membership pricing for 3 months
  • Purchase a membership later when travel is less restricted
  • $50 Travel Savings Credit (Expires after 1 year)


$500 Savings
$ 49
one time
  • Hotel Savings
  • Resort Savings
  • Rental Car Savings
  • Lock in our promotional membership pricing for 1 year
  • Purchase a membership later when travel is less restricted
  • $500 Travel Savings Credit (expires after 1 year)
  • 1 User


Unlimited Savings
$ 104
year 1
  • Everything in Premium
  • Plus
  • 80% Margin Pass Thru
  • Cruise Savings
  • Unlimited Saving Credits
  • Rewards Program
  • 7 Day Trial
  • Annual Renewal: $49


Unlimited Savings
$ 199
year 1
  • Eveything in Solo
  • Plus
  • 92.5% Margin Pass Thru
  • Cruise Packages
  • Weekly Stay rates
  • Unlimited Savings Credits
  • 10 Users
  • 14 Day Trial
  • Annual Renewal: $129


What am I actually buying?

Great question! 

You are buying access to a platform that allows you to book at rates with most of our margins removed. An easy analogy for most is Costco and Sam's Club. You pay a membership fee to access the products and prices inside. 

Check out the "How It Works" page for a full explanation. 

What are the savings?

Much of the travel industry pays 3rd parties a margin for bookings. Instead of keeping those margins, we pass them on to you as savings. 
It's important to note, the savings for each hotel can vary day to day depending on vacancies and expected occupancies.

Check out the "How It Works" page for a full explanation. 

What is a user?

A user is the person booking and using the reservation. A user can typically book up to 4 rooms in a reservation. 

Typically, a family can act as one user as long as the person booking is present for all reservations. If a person travels separately, they would need to be an additional user. 

A Friends and Family membership could cover 10 households in theory. In practice, a family may want to take up 2 or more users (for example, if you want a college aged child to be able book hotels in their name)

Why aren't flights mentioned?

Great question!
Airlines have cut their relationships with many fulfilment providers as they try to push consumers to join their own  credit card programs.  For convenience, you can book flights through Often Traveling, but you'll be able to maximize your return on flights through other avenues and we want to be upfront about that. 

Which membership is right for me?

Everyone's travel needs are different so we'll speak in generalizations. Founders Lists: Good if you aren't traveling much in the next 12 months but want to take advantage of savings. If you plan on staying at a resort, we recommend the unlimited savings plans Solo Traveler: Great if you want to maximize savings for yourself and those traveling with you (see user definition) Friends and Family: Great if you want to share your benefits with other households who do not travel with you. The account will be a netflix style login, with all users accessing the platform via one username and password, then selecting their own profile.

What's the catch?

It's great to be skeptical when it comes to your money. Heck, we are, too!

For any travel membership program, you'll want to pay attention to the cancellation policies on your travel. To receive discounted rates, you may have less flexible cancellation policies than non-discount rates. 
Another way to look at it is that on other platforms, you're paying for the luxury of flexibility.

Can users be changed?


There are situations where users can be changed, but we strongly urge you to consider users to be permanent. 

Do extra users increase the price?

The addition of extra users to your account does not increase your yearly renewal costs. 

However, extra users can only be added the Friends and Family membership up to 10 including yourself

How quickly does OftenTraveling pay for itself?

It depends. 
Your choice of hotel, dates, and more can factor into your savings rate. 

For some users, it's about saving money. For others, it's about getting more for the same budget

For the average Solo Traveler user, the membership pays for itself in 3-6 combined nights. For a Friends and Family membership, it's an average of 7-9 combined nights. Your results can and will vary. 

Can I cancel after year 1?

While we hope you find value in our memberships, you are not required to renew your membership. To cancel, you simply don't pay your annual renewal and your account will automatically be put on hold until paid. 

Am I traveling with a group on set trips?

Nope, Often Traveling is for you to book your own hotels, resorts, and more at discounted rates. 

However, there are set tour packages you can purchase through the platform if that is something you want to do.