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For every dollar you spend, you earn rewards that can be applied towards hotels and more

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If you play the rewards points game, you want to maximize your potential. With Often Traveling, you can!

Earn Rewards On Your Flights

If you book a flight off our platform (see the FAQs as to why you might do that), you can send in your flight info to customer service and still earn your rewards!
1x on your rewards credit card,
1x on your frequent flier account,
1x on your Often Traveling account

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A user is someone who will book and use their own reservation.**
Example: A parent booking travel for the family is a user. Their 8 year old kid is not.
**A user can book up to 6 rooms but must be part of the group

Up to 10 Total Users
Lower your overall cost per user by splitting it with your friends and family!
$50 $20/user (one time)

Unlike other travel clubs, we want you to experience and share your membership with your friends and family.

Each user will have their own profile and can pay for travel with their own card

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Why a demo account?

We'd rather let our platform to speak for itself rather try to give you a hard sell to buy today. 

Why aren't flights mentioned?

Great question!
Airlines have cut their relationships with many fulfilment providers as they try to push consumers to join their own  credit card programs.  For convenience, you can book flights through Often Traveling, but you'll be able to maximize your return on flights through other avenues and we want to be upfront about that. 

Is it worth it to join if...?

When it comes to travel savings, everyone's situation is going to be different depending on your reasons for traveling, lifestyle, and destination. But in general, if you stay in hotels more than 3-4 nights a year, you can easily recoup the costs of our membership. 

What's the catch?

It's great to be skeptical when it comes to your money. Heck, we are, too!

When it comes to any travel club, you'll want to pay attention to the cancellation policies on your travel. To receive discounted rates, you may have less flexible cancellation policies than non-discount rates. 
Another way to look at it is that on other platforms, you're paying for the luxury of flexibility.

Can you explain extra users more, please?

Definitely! It can be confusing, especially when it comes to families with kids of all ages and if you add other families to your account. 
Simply put: A user is the person booking and using the reservation. A user can typically book up to 4 rooms in a reservation. 

Scenario A: Joe and Mary have 3 kids.

Examples: Mary must be a user on the account if she books travel and uses the reservation.
Joe would need to be a user if he books and travels with one of the kids to a different city for a tournament and Mary is not present. Mary could not make the reservation for Joe. 
If Joe and Mary always travel as a family, then only one of them would need to be a user. 
The 3 kids would not need to be users if Mary (a user) is present. The kids can be in a separate room. 
George, one of their sons is in college and wants to travel on his own. George would need to be a user.
Mary and Joe go on a couples trip with Bill and Regina. Bill and Regina would only need to be users if Mary and Joe are not present for one of the stays. 

Can users be changed?


There are situations where users can be changed, but we strongly urge you to consider users to be permanent. 

Do extra users increase the price?

The addition of extra users to your account is a 1-time fee for each user. It does not increase your yearly renewal costs. 

Please note, the one time cost of adding a single user can change from time to time. 

How quickly does OftenTraveling pay for itself?

It depends. 
Your choice of hotel, dates, and more can factor into your savings rate. 
That's why we encourage you to use the demo version first. You can determine if it's worth it for you based on your travel desires and needs. 

For some users, it's about saving money. For others, it's about increasing value by getting an upgraded room or hotel. 

For the average user, the membership pays for itself in 4-6 combined nights. For a Gold membership + 8 extra users, it's an average of 7-9 combined nights.
If you take advantage of weekly stays, you'll see much a faster return on savings.  

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